Learning To Use Poker Slang

Are you just learning how to play poker? If you are, you would not want people to know it.

A clear giveaway is your lack of confidence in using poker slang. You need to brush up on your knowledge of poker technology so you will look shrewd and experienced – somebody to be feared in the poker table!

What are the essential poker terms that you should know by heart?

Whether you are playing a live game with friends at home, or an online game like they do at Betonline Poker here, it’ll be good to know the terminology. The more common ones include trips (three of a kind), quads (four of a kind), and ole one eye (the infamous one-eyed jack). You need to know the less common terms if you want to seriously impress the devoted poker fanatics.

In this video you can get a good introduction to Blackjack terminology:

Blackjack: The Terminology

What are the possible hands you may have and how do you refer to them if you want to appear poker-savvy at the table?

If you have a pair, you do not simply refer to them as “a pair.”

You say you have “Pocket Rockets” to refer to a pair of aces. A pair of kings is called “Elvis Presleys,” “Cowboys,” or “Penn & Teller.” A pair of queens is called “The Dirty Duo,” “The Ladies,” “The Twins,” or “The Hiltons.” A pair of jacks is called the “Jerky Joes”, “Hooks,” or “Jokers.”

Some prized cards go by wacky monikers. It may be difficult to remember all their slang names but you will soon get the hang of it.

2-2 is called “Deuces” or “Ducks.” 3-3 is referred to as “Crabs” or “Prom Night.” 6-9 goes by the name “Big Lick,” “Delight,” “Top or Bottom.” K-J is called “KoJak.” A-J is referred to as “Apple Fritter” or “Apple Jacks.”

Knowing these terminologies can help you – but only up to a certain extent.

If you want people to think that you mean serious business when you are playing poker, you have to be well-versed in terminologies used to refer to specific stages of poker play.

What do people mean when they say “flop?”

“Flop” refers to the opening stage of play in any of the several versions of “Hold ’em” poker. It refers to the laying down of the first three cards on the table. However, you may get confused because the term “flop” is by and large used in many ways.

When you are “seeing the flop,” you mean that you are remaining in the pot, ante, or game until you see the flop – or the first three cards.

Poker players look forward to hearing the phrase “hitting the flop.” This means that the initial three cards from the community laid upon the table go well with the hole cards – the cards that are dealt with the faces down to the player. The player has a pretty good chance to put together a promising poker hand.

“Coming to the river” signals the coming of the last card to be laid face up to all the players. The final (fifth) card dealt in Hold ’em poker is referred as the river card. The concluding round of bets follows it.

When you do not want to bet blind, wait until “post-flop is up.” A post-flop bet refers to a bet that a player makes once he is able to see the post-flop cards.

It is fun to play poker, particularly if you know what the key phrases mean.