Enjoy A Romantic Dinner At The 3 Best Underwater Restaurants In The World

Our idea of a romantic dinner has always been that of enjoying a meal with candlelight, setting the tone for a really lovely and memorable evening. A view of the moon and the stars plus the rustle of the waves splashing on the shore can truly make for a wonderful dinner for two. But if youre already tired of such a setup, why not try enjoying your meal with your loved one with the fabulous creatures of the sea bearing witness to the love you have for each other? Well, dont don your wetsuit yet as well first brief you on the worlds 3 best underwater restaurants.

Al Mahara

Its an underwater restaurant made accessible only to the super-rich, the popular, and the politically- and socially-influential personalities of the world. This is the Al Mahara, a lavish, extravagant, and truly luxurious underwater restaurant located in the waters nourishing the shores of Dubai. It is rightfully one of the planets most expensive fine dining establishments as it is part of the equally luxurious and high-end Burj Al Arab Jumeriah Hotel.

It is amazing what architects and engineers can do to create an oasis in the desert, complete with fish-scaled walls, highly-extravagant interior design, coral-inspired lighting, floor-to-ceiling aquarium, and even clam shell seating in gold. The Al Mahara is now helmed by Michelin Star chef Nathan Outlaw. His scallops with charred lime is a must-try.

When one speaks of the islands of Maldives, it automatically conjures images of pristine beaches and super-calm blue waters lined with off-white sand and palm trees. You wont get this view if you dine at the Sea located at the Anantara Kihava Villas. What youll get is an amazing view of the Maldivean deep, complete with corals and colorful fishes that will make you feel like youre eating inside an aquarium with the fishes essentially on the outside looking in.

The architecture of the Sea offers you a full 360-degree view of the waters below the surface of this part of Maldives complete with a mirrored ceiling to give you such a surrealistic yet truly memorable experience. On the menu is red mullet fillet that has been elegantly wrapped in lobster carpaccio. The poached lobster medallion is also worthy of ones gustatory cravings.

LOceanographic Submarino Restaurant

With more than 10,000 aquatic animals helping themselves watching you dine with your loved one, the LOceanographic Submarino Restaurant in Valencia, Spain is a haven for wine connoisseurs as the restaurant has an extensive list of only the finest wines and other beverages in this side of the world. Every meal that ever comes out of the kitchen is paired with a great wine.

From the classic Valencian paella to the more exotic ox fillet showered with truffle dauphinoise potatoes as well as the ever-delectable turbot with nuts and seaweed, the Submarino is guaranteed to make your dinner as romantic and as memorable as possible; that is if you dont mind sharks, rays, clownfish, and starfishes watching you as you take a bite.

Surprise your loved one with a dinner in any of these restaurants or choose your own romantic venue. There are loads of other great restaurants by the sea all over the world, including some superb venues in South Africa Australia, France, Spain and the United States. There are loads of options for your next travel dining experience. At any rate, he or she will be flabbergasted at the wonderful change of scenery as well as the impeccable food and service.