Top 5 Must-have Motorcycle Accessories

2. The Mogix portable phone charger- This battery charger for motorcycle riders can keep your smartphone juiced up while youre on the road. Its handy to have because its slim, lightweight and durable, with a huge capacity.. The lack of power port on Its handy to have because its slim, lightweight and durable, with a huge capacity. The lack of power port on your bike will no longer be an inconvenience for you when youve got this portable charger with you.

3. BikeMaster Multi-Tool This provides you with a complete tool set including sockets without taking a massive toolkit with you in your saddlebag. This is halfway between multi-tool pocket knife and a full tool chest. It gives you just about everything you could ever want for a quick roadside fix. That way, youll always know that youll have what you need to get to your destination.

4. Cortech Dryver Tail Bag With all this extra gear from a phone charger for motorcycle riders to a cool multi-tool with sockets youll need somewhere to stash it all. This ones easy to attach and makes it easy to tuck away small items like those on this list, your wallet, your phone, and whatever else you need to have with you.

5. The Breva Genie 03 One for the dreamers, this is a watch unlike any other. Sure, its a sleek-looking wristwatch, but thats just the jumping off point. It has a mechanical pop-up speedometer that comes in handy if yours stops being accurate, of course a speedometer app might be more appealing when you see its current price of $56,800!


Three Holidays For Your Bucket List

To catch the best of the great migration, travel is suggested in March, when millions of Wildebeest gather in the open It is a once in a lifetime experience that is not to be missed. See for more details. The Majestic Taj Mahal If you are a romantic at heart then a visit to the Taj Mahal should be right up there in the top 10 items on your bucket list. Built as an enduring symbol of love, the Taj Mahal is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world.

Due to its popularity, there is strict security on the grounds surrounding the iconic mausoleum. So tight in fact, that at times visitors have been prohibited from taking cell phones onto the grounds. It is highly advisable to only take the necessary items with you when visiting the Taj Mahal. There is also a whole list of banned items and this includes various foodstuffs.

The Taj Mahal is open to visitors all year round. When booking your holiday to India, make sure you tell your tour operator that you want to visit the iconic Taj Mahal you will not regret the experience.


How Athletes Can Take Advantage Of A Hot Tub

Your body cannot manage continuous exercises and workout if it does not get enough rest and for a professional athlete to carry out at the peak of their powers, their minds and bodies have to be interacting on the exact same page.

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

One of the very best ways to permit your muscles to recuperate and unwind at the same time is to take a soak in a hot tub or medical spa, which is a relaxing and healing kind of hydrotherapy. The combination of hot water and rubbing jets is an ideal method to launch stress and soothe aching, stiff, and aching muscles. In addition, it can also help to eliminate certain types of discomfort. Hydrotherapy has been used in physiotherapy for years. This is since the heated water is able to increase the blood circulation and circulation to your skin and muscles. It benefits the muscles to have actually more blood pumped through them and a session in a jacuzzi is among the best approaches of achieving this.

Simply 15 minutes in a hot tub will be able to assist boost the muscle healing procedure and soothe small aches and pains after a video game or exercise. In addition, there are benefits to utilising a hot tub before your workout as it will help to loosen up the muscles, which can lower the chance of injury.

Utilising a Hot Tub To Mentally Relax

As offering professional athletes with physical benefits, a hot tub can likewise assist you relax psychologically. A hot tub session can help you practice meditation and unwind so you're in peak condition mentally and physically when completing.

A Better Night's Sleep

Another benefit of soaking in a hot tub is to help you sleep. According to several studies, people who soak in a relaxing hot tub about an hour to 90 minutes before going to bed normally discover it easier to fall asleep.

Hydrotherapy for athletes isn't really anything new as it's been a well-known treatment for many years. It's utilised for relaxation and pain relief by people all ability levels around the world. Taking in a hot tub won't guarantee that you'll be able to take part in your chosen sport injury-free, but it can definitely assist. In addition, because the water can assist improve your physical condition it implies you won't need to count on outdoors aid such as anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers.

Have questions about choosing the right hot tub for hydrotherapy and relaxation? International Swimming Pool and Health club Centers can help you find the ideal jacuzzi for you. We bring Coast Spas, which are made in Canada and is the best hot tub you can purchase in Canada. Contact us for additional information and to speak with among our health clubs professionals.


The Best Ways To Go Camping With Your Pet Dog In 7 Easy Steps

Whether you're headed for a back-country trek or a campground off the highway, your pet dog will require a trusted recall command to keep her out of danger (and far from other campers who may not be so into canines). You need to also brush up on the "leave it" command in case you experience snakes, bears, or other wildlife on the path. You need to also brush up on the "leave it" command in case you experience snakes, bears, or other wildlife on the path.

It's a great idea to do some outside training sessions before your huge outdoor camping journey.

Get ready for emergency situations

Before you leave on your outdoor camping journey, make a laminated card with your pet dog's determining information, vaccination record, and health history, plus all of your contact details. You must also make sure your pet's microchip details and tags are current.

Nature can be unforeseeable, therefore can pet dogs, so it's important to be gotten ready for anything.

The Australian Forest Service advises carrying the following dog-specific first aid products, many of which you most likely currently have at home:

A bandana for a makeshift muzzleFlat-bladed tweezers and a small container of mineral oil for tick eliminationAn emergency fold-up blanket (area blanket) for dealing with shock or coldA folding tool that has needle-nose pliers for extracting a large thorn or a porcupine quill

Booties for protecting injured paws (toddler socks work excellent!).A little emergency treatment book with instructions for dealing with animals.The name, contact number, and instructions of a nearby veterinarian or family pet emergency clinic.

Prepare (but pack light).

Camping with your dog indicates being gotten ready for anything, but you don't wish to overpack and risk having excessive to carry, or no room in the RV for your pooch! This outdoor camping packaging list for your dog will get you began:.

Committed doggy water bottle and collapsible/lightweight food and water bowls (keep in mind to bring a packable filtration system if you'll be counting on a water source at the site).Pet knapsack for day hikes.Sleeping pad and blanket to keep your pooch cozy in the evening (a kid-sized sleeping bag from your regional thrift store is an excellent alternative).Reflective leash/collar and clip-on flashing light.Emergency treatment kit as explained above.Remember, you don't need to spend a lot to obtain your dog prepared for outdoor camping. If you'll be hiking, have a look at our hiking equipment guide for some practical fundamentals. If you're just headed out for a relaxing camping site stay, there's an excellent chance you already have the "equipment" you need at home.

Practice excellent campground etiquette.

When you come to your camping site, it is necessary to be considerate to your fellow campers. Use a leash or that rock-solid recall command to keep your dog out of strangers' camping sites, and make certain to get and properly deal with your dog's waste. For maximum safety and satisfaction, your canine ought to stick near you at all times, and must never ever be left unsupervised at the camping area, in a lorry, or on the path. Keep in mind, weather conditions can change, wildlife can appear, and a host of other unpredictable scenarios might develop.

Naturally, often you might have to confine your puppy for security or convenience (state, while you're roasting hotdogs over the fire and a particular four-legged buddy is figured out to snag a sausage of her own). If your dog is dog crate trained, a portable, lightweight, fabric-walled crate is an indispensable addition to your camp package!

Have a good time!

Camping with your dog is a fantastic method to get away from everything and bond with your finest pal. Far from glowing screens and a million distractions, you'll take in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature with a true connoisseur. And absolutely nothing beats snuggling up with a canine in a comfortable camping tent, the aroma of campfire still lingering in the air. With a little preparation, you and your dog will be all set to hearken the call of the wild and have a blast!


Top 10 Essential Caravan Accessories

A caravan is halfway between a house and an automobile, but lots of people treat it as no more than a vehicle. Caravans are normally very safe, but on busy sites or journeys where you'll be away for a while it helps to have some extra defense. Caravans are normally very safe, but on busy sites or journeys where you'll be away for a while it helps to have some extra defense. Make certain you have the proper security gadgets.

2. Steps

Another crucial but commonly forgotten item, steps can slip your mind if you're fairly in shape. Simply keep in mind that it will not constantly be simple to jump down from or heave yourself up into a caravan, and the day you've twisted an ankle or you're carrying some shopping is the day you'll rue not buying something tough to step on.

1. Containers

Containers are lifesavers on a caravan vacation, and will really spend for themselves before long. Bring excess weight will cost you in gas loan, so be sure to transport water in a container to generate the saving. Two roller containers will make life simpler, allowing you to quickly collect and dispose of water, no matter how far it is from your pitch.


How To Feel At Home When You Move To Spain

The first thing to bear in mind is that local people, in any setting, especially in tourist areas like the Costa Blanca, can usually spot a foreigner a mile off anyway. Secondly, dont worry about being yourself as well. If you completely obliterate Secondly, dont worry about being yourself as well. If you completely obliterate your own personality, you are likely to get very tired very quickly. Mostly, you want to not stand out as not knowing what you are doing in your new surroundings, and avoid being perceived as rude or arrogant.

The easiest way to start to look the part is to consider your clothing. Spain can be quite varied, depending on where you are, but as a general rule Spanish fashion has a degree of modesty. Particularly if you are not a teenager or student, consider dressing conservatively. While the youngsters wear jeans, T-shirts, and comfy sandals, older people place importance on quality and fit when it comes to clothes.

Summers are hot in Spain, so you will need light, breathable fabrics in light colours. Consider buying some of your clothes once you are there, because even their denim fabrics are lighter than you may be used to. Long sleeves and long trousers or skirts are often still worn in order to look smart and to protect the skin from the sun. Avoid wearing shorts in the towns or cities. It is generally frowned upon, and even if it isnt, it will definitely make you look like a tourist. Keep those, and your flip-flops, for the beach. Strappy tops are also not very common in the city, but avoid these completely if you plan on visiting any churches or other religious sites. Spain has a strong Catholic influence and visitors to significant sites should dress appropriately and respectfully. This usually means making sure shoulders and knees are covered.

Winter fashion tends to shift to muted autumnal tones of oranges and browns. Fabrics will be slightly heavier as the temperatures do drop. Leather jackets are very popular. Consider buying one that fits well once you are there. They tend to be widely available and well priced. Layer your look with scarves. This is also a useful way to change up a look if you arrive with a limited wardrobe.

In any season, avoid big logos or words printed on shirts, and stay away from very bright colours in your outfit. Tennis shoes and white socks are never worn except for sports and these items scream tourist. Generally stick with smart-casual and you wont go wrong. Even up market restaurants arent very formal in terms of dress code. An easy guideline would be; a collared shirt and long trousers with rubber soled leather shoes for men, and long skirt (trousers are also allowed), nice blouse, and leather shoes or sandals for women.

Most importantly, pay attention to the people around you and how they behave. Make an effort to learn the language early. Even just a few Spanish words or greetings will help you to be accepted quickly. Learn the lingo. For example, order a solo coffee, not an espresso, which is Italian. Order tapas as a pre-meal snack. It isnt dinner. Have a siesta in the afternoon and then head out for dinner late. Restaurants are usually only getting busy around 10pm.

Most importantly, plan ahead. Know where you intend to go and walk through town with confidence. Keep maps and guidebooks out of sight, that way you dont draw attention to the fact that you are foreign. And finally, be prepared to observe and adapt. If you get things wrong in the beginning, thats ok, learn and move on. Thats part of the fun of being in a new place and culture.


Tips To Help You Find An Inexpensive Kauai Trip Rental

With a vacation rental you have the benefit of being able to cook for yourselves, therefore Then you can just treat yourselves to vacation dining experience a few times during a holiday. For a guide to street food see this great article. Don't miss the wonderful local cafes and street food available in Hawaai.

If you are looking for a quality, yet budget friendly Kauai vacation leasing, you will desire to examine online travel websites, namely those that deal particularly with Hawaii getaways and Hawaii holiday leasings.

Taking a look at all of your choices, in terms of Kauai vacation rental types, is another excellent method to go about discovering a budget-friendly Kauai getaway leasing for your next journey. Exactly what you require to keep in mind is that vacation leasings come in a number of various formats, including Kauai getaway houses, holiday condominiums, trip cottages, trip apartment rentals, and getaway rental properties.


Singer Shirley Bassey

So much so, that a significant industry of lookalikes and impersonation acts such as this lady, has grown up to cash in on her fame and stage presence (and great music of course). In 2013, Shirley Bassey received a well-deserved standing ovation for her breathtaking performance of the song 'Goldfinger' at the Academy Awards ceremony. While looking at this and all of the other amazing landmarks and achievements that Bassey has been able to accumulate throughout the years, it is easy to see that she has truly come a very long way from her humble beginning in the industry.


Why Should You Take Online Guitar Lessons?

The other option worth considering is online guitar lessons. One of the top players, and certainly worth investigating is Jamplay - go here for a great Jamplay review that gives all the details and discount codes too :)

The Advantages Offered By Online Guitar Courses

Online guitar lessons offer many advantages. Some of the major ones are:

Convenience - If you will enroll in an online school, you can be a skilled guitar player without leaving the comfort of your home. You won't have to drive or commute. When it's time for you to work on your guitar chops, just turn on your computer and access the internet.

Affordability - Online guitar courses require payments. In most cases, you need to provide your bank or credit card information before accessing a site's learning materials. However, this learning method is more affordable than actual music schools.

Customizable - Regardless of your current skill level, there are online guitar lessons that you can take advantage of. Most online courses are divided into different categories. You don't have to go through strict sequences of lessons. You may access the video or audio lessons that interest you.

Great for Different Learner Types - This learning method is ideal for all types of learners.

For Visual Learners - Online guitar lessons often include videos. That means you can see the chords and lyrics of the song you are practicing. Some videos also show the teacher as he strums and/or plucks the strings.

For Auditory Learners - Online lessons also come with audio-based instructions. You'll hear the notes, chords, and melodies that you must produce on your own instrument. If the sound you're making is different from that of the lesson, you know you are doing something wrong.

For Writing/Reading Learners - These lessons provide written instructions. In addition, they offer guitar tabs or lyrics with chords. If you learn by reading, online guitar courses are perfect for you.

For Kinesthetic Learners - If you need to do something in order to learn it, then you must enroll in an online course. These courses contain videos and audio samples that you can pause as you strum your guitar. You won't have to apologize to anyone in case you need to spend five to ten minutes performing a skill.


Learning To Use Poker Slang

Whether you are playing a live game with friends at home, or an online game like they do at Betonline Poker here, it'll be good to know the terminology. The more common ones include trips (three of a kind), quads (four of a kind), and ole one eye (the infamous one-eyed jack). The more common ones include trips (three of a kind), quads (four of a kind), and ole one eye (the infamous one-eyed jack). You need to know the less common terms if you want to seriously impress the devoted poker fanatics.

In this video you can get a good introduction to Blackjack terminology:

Blackjack: The Terminology

What are the possible hands you may have and how do you refer to them if you want to appear poker-savvy at the table?

If you have a pair, you do not simply refer to them as "a pair."

You say you have "Pocket Rockets" to refer to a pair of aces. A pair of kings is called "Elvis Presleys," "Cowboys," or "Penn & Teller." A pair of queens is called "The Dirty Duo," "The Ladies," "The Twins," or "The Hiltons." A pair of jacks is called the "Jerky Joes", "Hooks," or "Jokers."

Some prized cards go by wacky monikers. It may be difficult to remember all their slang names but you will soon get the hang of it.

2-2 is called "Deuces" or "Ducks." 3-3 is referred to as "Crabs" or "Prom Night." 6-9 goes by the name "Big Lick," "Delight," "Top or Bottom." K-J is called "KoJak." A-J is referred to as "Apple Fritter" or "Apple Jacks."

Knowing these terminologies can help you - but only up to a certain extent.

If you want people to think that you mean serious business when you are playing poker, you have to be well-versed in terminologies used to refer to specific stages of poker play.

What do people mean when they say "flop?"

"Flop" refers to the opening stage of play in any of the several versions of "Hold 'em" poker. It refers to the laying down of the first three cards on the table. However, you may get confused because the term "flop" is by and large used in many ways.

When you are "seeing the flop," you mean that you are remaining in the pot, ante, or game until you see the flop - or the first three cards.

Poker players look forward to hearing the phrase "hitting the flop." This means that the initial three cards from the community laid upon the table go well with the hole cards - the cards that are dealt with the faces down to the player. The player has a pretty good chance to put together a promising poker hand.

"Coming to the river" signals the coming of the last card to be laid face up to all the players. The final (fifth) card dealt in Hold 'em poker is referred as the river card. The concluding round of bets follows it.

When you do not want to bet blind, wait until "post-flop is up." A post-flop bet refers to a bet that a player makes once he is able to see the post-flop cards.

It is fun to play poker, particularly if you know what the key phrases mean.


Top 5 Secluded Beaches In The Uk And Where To Stay

If thats the case, then head off to Heddons Mouth and be greeted by one of the most spectacular sea views in the region. For your sea view holiday accommodation, you can try Crackalands, Parsonage Cottage, or White Meadows Stable located some 15 minutes from Heddons Mouth in the village of Combe Martin.

3. Diggorys Island near Wadebridge, North Cornwall

If you visit the Bedruthan Steps in North Cornwall, try the secluded beaches of Diggorys Island. You will have the beach all to yourself because of its remoteness. Once youre done, unwind at Tremill or Spring Cottage in Wadebridge some 25 minutes away. Or you can also try Bridges End.

4. Pedn Vounder Beach near Sennen, West Cornwall

Couples who visit Pedn Vounder Beach have been known to rekindle their passion for one another. And its easy to see why. With a small patch of sandy golden beach lapped by crystal clear water, this is the ideal beach for honeymooners. Stay at the Ivy Cottage, Ducks Waddle, or the Clip Clop Cottage in Sennen some 35 minutes away.

5. Scolt Head Island near Docking, Norfolk

The only way you can access this beach is by boat. Its a haven for wildlife making it ideal for some really unusual beach experience. You will have the beach all to yourself and in the company of the regions indigenous wildlife. Stay at the Manor Cottage in Sedgeford or the Miil House Cottage in Kings Lynn some 15-20 minutes away.

These beaches may be quite challenging to reach. However, if peace and quiet while enjoying a day in the sun, surf, and sand is what you require, then these secluded beaches are for you.


Accommodation Guide To Wales: From Cottages To The Unusual

The best alternative to a hotel, you can also find them all over Wales. Rural cottages might be found beside hillsides inhabited mostly by sheep, while there are also many sea view cottages in Wales. These are most likely converted barns These are most likely converted barns or farms but are now renovated and comfortable holiday homes that have everything you need for a relaxing vacation.

Camper vans

Not only do they transport you and your family, you essentially have everything you need in one vehicle. You may park your vans in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, or you can even be closer to the water by the coves of Anglesey and surfing havens of Freshwater West, Llangennith or Porth Neigwl.

Imagine a huge tent for a large family or a huge group, but offering more luxury than traditional camping. In fact, you can expect to have beds and even seating areas or rugs inside, depending on how interior designers have planned them. You can expect here to have a taste of glamping, or glamorous camping. Heating and weatherproofing will ensure guests full comfort.

The smaller version of staying in a yurt is the tipi, offering guests the same highlights such as beds and heating through a central fire. They are perfect for all kinds of weather and are actually made of buffalo skins sewn together. Its like staying in your own tent without actually having to go through the stress of erecting it.


One of the most unique accommodation types out there is the Llancayo Windmill. This has been restored from a 19th-century windmill that used to be in the Monmouthshire countryside. Big enough for 12 guests sleeping in rooms spread over 5 floors.


Take the chance to sleep in a 19th-century lighthouse, found near Newport. The West Usk lighthouse was restored to accommodate guests, to give them the experience of staying in such a unique building. This is the ultimate sea view accommodation in Wales.

If you have ever dreamed of living like a royal, Wales will give you many options of castles to rent, like Gwydir Castle or at the 13th-century Gatehouse. Not only do you get to say you lived like a king or queen, you also enjoy the historic and wonderful gardens that belong to the property.

Working Farms

If you are not interested in a luxury life and want to expose your kids to a more rural life, there are many working farms for you and your family. Some serve as B&Bs, and others are also self-catering. The highlight is that your kids can wave up to the sound of farm animals they can feed, and you will never find fresher milk or eggs anywhere.

The next time you book a holiday in Wales, forget about the hotel and try out something new. There are also other ways to travel luxuriously and at the same time, be as close to nature as possible. This is the best way to experience the beauty of this country.s


Best Video Games of All Time


From arcade classics to recent console hits, these are the 50 greatest games ever.

Whether you play video games or not, they’ve become an integral part of our culture. For some, it’s hard to imagine a world without video games—the chup-chup-boop of an arcade legend like Space Invaders or the growling “Finish Him!” in Mortal Kombat can be as evocative as a Michael Jackson or Beatles tune.

Representing multiple generations of gamers, TIME’s tech team put more than 150 nominees through a multistage ranking process to compile a cross-section of gaming’s best ideas across nearly four decades. Here are our picks for the 50 greatest video games of all time.

50. King’s Quest III: To Heir Is Human

In the 1980s, the years that led up to Nintendo’s reign were dominated by PC titles, and of these none were better imagined than Sierra’s. When honoring their adventure line, critics typically laud the original King’s Quest. But it’s the third installment released in 1986 that deserves the most acclaim, because it was also twice as big as the first two installments, and as clever as any in the series. Following the adventures of Daventry’s 17-year-old Prince Alexander, the game hit closer to home with its primary players, who like it or not were pretty much boys. Yet despite the outmoded graphics (or maybe because of them), the keyboard-controlled adventure is still a joy to play (try it yourself). From amassing all the ingredients to make potions, to avoiding the wizard’s evil black cat, to stealing the pirate’s treasure, it’s pure magic.

49. Dota 2

The improbable sequel to a fan mod for a Blizzard game that came out in 2002, Dota 2 stormed the e-sports scene in 2013 with its sophisticated twist on real-time resource management and turf control. Arguably the pinnacle of the multiplayer online battle arena genre (or MOBA, which is just another way of saying “competitive real-time strategy game”), it sees two teams of five jockey for sway over lush, jungled terrain beset by ever-spawning computer armies, locking horns at a river that cuts diagonally across a symmetric map. Difficult to master but thrilling to watch, Dota 2 matches unfold like frenetic attention-deficit sprees, camera views pinballing around battlefields flush with antagonists converging on dozens of flashpoints, as players battle to demolish the other team’s “ancient.”

48. Angry Birds

Rovio’s debut 2009 mobile game, now one of the most recognizable franchises in the world, definitely benefitted from being one of the earliest titles for the iPhone. But the studio’s quirky avian-flinging physics puzzler—players have to slingshot roly-poly birds at likewise rotund, entrenched pigs—also honed in on key elements of smartphone gaming’s then-nascent purview: bite-sized levels for on-the-go play, easy to pickup (if grueling to master) gameplay, and eventually a free-to-play biz model built on micro-transactions. It’s safe to say Angry Birds established the template for all the untold numbers of mobile games vying for our e-wallets since. Sourced from:

23 best sports video games of all-time

From the gems of the 1980s and ’90s to more contemporary titles, we rank the 23 best sports video games of all time.

We all, at some point in our lives, have dreamed of what it would be like to be a professional athlete. To hit a home run in the World Series, to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl, to swish the game-winning shot in the NBA Finals — these are all feats that sports fans have played out in driveways, parks, and fields around the world.

Sadly, we are but mere mortals; these visions, little more than dreams. The best we can do is to live vicariously through our favorite athletes, or even ourselves (bless you, create-a-player mode), in video games.

As technology has grown exponentially over the last 30 years, so too has the gaming world. Virtual reality is the next horizon, which means that before long we’ll be able to experience different sports through the perspective of professional athletes. But as we continue to move forward, it’s important (and let’s be honest, just plain fun) to look back at the history of sports video games. There have been some absolute gems, many of which made the cut for our list, and there have been some disasters. Sourced from: