The Not So Little Province Of Ontario

When visiting Canada, it’s so easy to think about going to Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver, the more famous places in the country. However, there are so many provinces in Canada (ranked as the 2nd largest country in the world based on land area) that is worth visiting. One such province is Ontario.

Getting to Ontario is pretty simple, especially for residents of the United States who can simply drive across the border. This is the preferred way to travel for families, especially this who like to take their pet dogs on holiday. Ontario boasts many dog-friendly places to stay and attractions to visit. It’s great when pets can travel too.

Ontario is considered to be one of the more populous provinces in Canada, having at least 38% of the country’s population. Although the place seems populated, it is also low in terms of density. Ontario is the 2nd largest province in Canada and this is why it’s a good place to explore. Here are just a few things you want to try doing when you visit this lovely area.

The Grotto

Also called “The Bruce Peninsula Grotto”, this hidden cave is found in the Georgian Bay. It is famous with tourists because of its bright blue waters in the middle of the cave and the rock formation that is both scary and inviting. If you’re wondering why it’s called the grotto, it’s because of the light that the underwater grotto makes that affects the overall brightness of the cave. You’d think that as a cave it will be dark and damp, but The Grotto is nothing like that. If anything, it is still a good place to swim even if the water is chilly. You can also enjoy a 45-minute hike towards the cave.

The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Considered as one of the most beautiful libraries in the country, the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library is home to a lot of rare book collections. It houses around 700,000 volumes of books and it can be overwhelming at first to take in this abundance of books. If you’re feeling lost, you can just allow yourself to roam around taking in a hundred years’ worth of manuscripts and volumes.

The Winter Garden Theatre

Not like your usual theatre with great acoustics and high ceilings (although this place isn’t lacking any of those), the Winter Garden Theatre stands out from the rest because of the leaves that fall from its ceiling. This theatre was actually first built in Toronto, but as the cinema culture entered the stage, the Winter Garden Theatre slowly closed its doors to the public. Luckily, the Ontario Heritage Trust saved the place and built its own in Ontario. The place was replicated including the paintings on the walls, the painted lamp posts, and cascades of leaves. You can take a 90-minute tour here every Thursday and Saturday to check out the whole theatre.

Balaclava Ghost Town

If you’re looking for a scary atmosphere, you can visit the Balaclava Ghost Town. This is the province’s version of your typical deserted town where you can find abandoned wood houses with creaking floors and doors. The town used to be a place where the timber industry was booming. However, this industry experienced a downfall thus causing the place to be abandoned. If you’re looking for a spooky adventure, then this is the perfect place for you and your friends.

The province of Ontario is so big that tourists find it hard to visit for just 2-3 days. If you really want to explore the whole province, stay for a little while to enjoy all the attractions and tourist destinations Ontario has to offer.