5 Things That Every Dog Needs To Be Happy

It is every pet parents desire to make his or her pet dog, or any other pet for that matter, happy. While our definition of happiness can be quite subjective, for dogs its pretty straightforward.

Here are 5 things that every other dog will need for it to be really happy.

High-quality Food

Dogs love to eat; thats a fact! But if you give them just about any other kind of dog food, they may love the idea that youre giving them a free hand in their meals. But will they be happy about it? Not in the long term they wont. Dogs like delicious and flavorful foods. They also require highly-nutritious foods. As such, it is your duty to make sure that the dog food you give it is of the highest possible quality and has excellent flavors at the same time.


When dogs move, they are able to use their muscles, bones, and joints. This can help prevent the muscles from shrinking and the bones from becoming too brittle. If these problems occur, then your dog will not be able to move. It will not be able to walk, run, jump, and do the things that make it very happy. As such, you should always exercise you dog so that its muscles, bones, and joints are at their optimum levels of functioning. Exercise also keeps your dog mentally stimulated, not bored. This can make it really happy.


Just because you have a small dog doesnt mean you can already skip the training part. All dogs require training, even following the simplest of commands. They should know what come means or what they should do if you tell them to sit. What you may not know is that dogs are very social animals and they love nothing more than to please you. If they know that they get your undivided attention through training, what dog will not be happy about it?


Unlike most cats, dogs are highly social. They live and thrive with and around their human owners and their kids. While some dogs are perfectly okay living alone, most cannot last several hours of separation from their owners or if they see no one else at home. They can get depressed and really anxious. This can lead them to display destructive behaviors. Nothing makes a dog happier than being able to play and interact with its family. And if it was socialized with other pets in the home, it will also be happier.


Some pet owners dont mind having their dogs looking like trash. But for your dog, this is simply unacceptable. Dogs are not as fastidious as cats, so you will have to help them in the grooming process. Either take them to a local pet spa or put them in the bath. They wont mind being bathed, their teeth brushed, their ears cleaned, their hair combed, and their nails clipped so long as you trained them for it. Just as youll feel more refreshed after coming out from a bath, your dog will be a happier hound, too.

Do you want to make your dog happy? Then, pay attention to these 5 needs.