Interesting Dog Facts

The lifespan of a dog depends on their breed. Generally speaking, a small dog will live longer than a big dog. On average both the size as well as the type of breed will determine their lifespan. A Chihuahua can live up to 20 years of age while a Dachshund will live for approximately 15 years. At the same time, a Great Dane has a lifespan of more or less 6 to 8 years; although there have been some that have lived for 10 years.

Diet can play a large role in the lifespan of a dog. The look your dog gives you when you are enjoying a snack is well known. Most owners of dogs find it really hard to resist their sad look, but should you wish to give them a treat, it is recommended that you rather offer them a treat that is healthy as well as safe for them to eat.

In recent times, city dogs have caused controversy and are not always well regarded. This is due to the fact that dog owners have been criticized by certain people who live in big cities for allowing their dogs to soil lawns and sidewalks. However, in certain cities there are laws which require owners to walk with their dogs only down street curbs. The argument from dog owners has been that their dogs protect against burglars and vandals and are therefore protecting not only their owners but their detractors as well.

Dog owners are often stressed by skies that are dark and the rumbling of thunder. Phobias as well as fears in our animal companions are more usual than one could possibly think, differing from fear of people, other animals as well as fearing new places and loud noises.

Limber Tail Syndrome is a condition that can develop in some dogs should they play outdoors during inclement weather. This condition results in a limp tail that can sometimes be sore after exertion, (especially during bad weather), swimming or in a dog that is not in good condition. This condition is however well-known to trainers and owners of hunting dogs but veterinarians do not often see it.

It is a syndrome that is distinguished by swelling of muscles that are at the tail base (muscles used for wagging, which are engaged often while swimming as the tail can be used like a rudder). The muscles are attached by a ring of connective tissue that is taut. Regular flow of blood is cut off because the connective tissue starts to act like a tourniquet when the muscles expand and swell.

Limber tail Syndrome can on occasion be treated using CBD oil. Owners of dogs will of course wish to ensure that the supplements of CBD given to their dogs are safe and will cause no side effects that are bad. This type of CBD oil lets the dog benefit with no bad or euphoric side effects from cannabinoids as CBD oil supplements are tolerated well in mammals and are not toxic.