Top 5 Secluded Beaches In The Uk And Where To Stay

Going to the beach is one of the most common family outings anywhere in the world. And with close to 8,000 miles of coast, the UK offers some of the worlds greatest beaches. Unfortunately, many of these beaches can get really crowded especially in the summer when people from all walks of life, especially from major metropolitan areas. Having fun may prove to be challenging if you have to jockey your way towards claiming a spot in the beach for your family. Good thing, however, that the UK has also some of the worlds finest secluded beaches. Here are the UKs top 5 beaches for a more private family holiday including where to stay.

1. Sandwood Bay near Kinlochbervie, Scotland

A great contrast to the Scottish Highlands is Sandwood Bay. This mile-stretch of sandy beach in golden hues punctuated with dramatic rocky cliffs is one of the most beautiful secluded beaches you can ever find in the UK. You can stay at The Uphouse or the Inchbard Barn Cottage some 25 minutes away in the village of Kinlochbervie. You can also try Glen Ridge in Scourie or Kempies in Durness. Either way, youll have the most private beach fun in your life.

2. Heddons Mouth near Combe Martin, North Devon

If youre tired of the same sandy beaches, would a pebble beach appeal to you? If thats the case, then head off to Heddons Mouth and be greeted by one of the most spectacular sea views in the region. For your sea view holiday accommodation, you can try Crackalands, Parsonage Cottage, or White Meadows Stable located some 15 minutes from Heddons Mouth in the village of Combe Martin.

3. Diggorys Island near Wadebridge, North Cornwall

If you visit the Bedruthan Steps in North Cornwall, try the secluded beaches of Diggorys Island. You will have the beach all to yourself because of its remoteness. Once youre done, unwind at Tremill or Spring Cottage in Wadebridge some 25 minutes away. Or you can also try Bridges End.

4. Pedn Vounder Beach near Sennen, West Cornwall

Couples who visit Pedn Vounder Beach have been known to rekindle their passion for one another. And its easy to see why. With a small patch of sandy golden beach lapped by crystal clear water, this is the ideal beach for honeymooners. Stay at the Ivy Cottage, Ducks Waddle, or the Clip Clop Cottage in Sennen some 35 minutes away.

5. Scolt Head Island near Docking, Norfolk

The only way you can access this beach is by boat. Its a haven for wildlife making it ideal for some really unusual beach experience. You will have the beach all to yourself and in the company of the regions indigenous wildlife. Stay at the Manor Cottage in Sedgeford or the Miil House Cottage in Kings Lynn some 15-20 minutes away.

These beaches may be quite challenging to reach. However, if peace and quiet while enjoying a day in the sun, surf, and sand is what you require, then these secluded beaches are for you.