Accommodation Guide To Wales: From Cottages To The Unusual

Visiting Wales is an experience not just because of the wonderful landscape and the tongue-twisting language. In fact, if you decide to go here for your seaside holiday, you have a wide variety of accommodations available, from the self-catering cottages common all over the UK, all the way to some highly unique choices.

Self-catering cottages

The best alternative to a hotel, you can also find them all over Wales. Rural cottages might be found beside hillsides inhabited mostly by sheep, while there are also many sea view cottages in Wales. These are most likely converted barns or farms but are now renovated and comfortable holiday homes that have everything you need for a relaxing vacation.

Camper vans

Not only do they transport you and your family, you essentially have everything you need in one vehicle. You may park your vans in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, or you can even be closer to the water by the coves of Anglesey and surfing havens of Freshwater West, Llangennith or Porth Neigwl.

Imagine a huge tent for a large family or a huge group, but offering more luxury than traditional camping. In fact, you can expect to have beds and even seating areas or rugs inside, depending on how interior designers have planned them. You can expect here to have a taste of glamping, or glamorous camping. Heating and weatherproofing will ensure guests full comfort.

The smaller version of staying in a yurt is the tipi, offering guests the same highlights such as beds and heating through a central fire. They are perfect for all kinds of weather and are actually made of buffalo skins sewn together. Its like staying in your own tent without actually having to go through the stress of erecting it.


One of the most unique accommodation types out there is the Llancayo Windmill. This has been restored from a 19th-century windmill that used to be in the Monmouthshire countryside. Big enough for 12 guests sleeping in rooms spread over 5 floors.


Take the chance to sleep in a 19th-century lighthouse, found near Newport. The West Usk lighthouse was restored to accommodate guests, to give them the experience of staying in such a unique building. This is the ultimate sea view accommodation in Wales.

If you have ever dreamed of living like a royal, Wales will give you many options of castles to rent, like Gwydir Castle or at the 13th-century Gatehouse. Not only do you get to say you lived like a king or queen, you also enjoy the historic and wonderful gardens that belong to the property.

Working Farms

If you are not interested in a luxury life and want to expose your kids to a more rural life, there are many working farms for you and your family. Some serve as B&Bs, and others are also self-catering. The highlight is that your kids can wave up to the sound of farm animals they can feed, and you will never find fresher milk or eggs anywhere.

The next time you book a holiday in Wales, forget about the hotel and try out something new. There are also other ways to travel luxuriously and at the same time, be as close to nature as possible. This is the best way to experience the beauty of this country.s