Five Of The Best Beaches In Europe With Stunning Sea Views

Some of the worlds finest beaches and spectacular sea views are found in Europe especially those that are bathed by the calmer, warmer and cleaner waters of the Mediterranean. It is no secret that these beaches play host to hundreds of thousands of beachgoers all year-round offering a variety of fun and adventure that only these world-class beaches can provide. If you are interested in learning more about five of Europes best places with stunning and picturesque sea views, then look no further.

Navagio Beach in Greece

Better known as Shipwreck Beach or Smugglers Cove, Navagio Beach is located on the quaint shores of Zakynthos, particularly in its northwest portion. It boasts of many geologic features that make it ideal for taking dramatic seaside landscape photos. These include white sand beaches, sheer limestone cliffs, and crystal clear blue water. Getting to Navagio requires a boat ride from Cape Skinari, Agios Nikolaos, Porto Vromi, or even from the city of Zakynthos itself.

Zlatni Rat Beach in Croatia

When viewed from above in an aeroplane or even a helicopter, the Zlatni Rat Beach looks more like the outstretched white tongue of a majestic creature covered in lush green and lapped by the really blue waters off Brac, an island in Croatias Dalmatia region. Zlatni Rat is also known as the Golden Horn because of the unique shape of the beach jutting out into the open blue. Some also call it as the Golden Horn, perhaps like the horn of the mythical unicorn.

Calo des Moro in Spain

Situated around two nautical miles from the harbour of the Spanish Cala Figuera Santanyi in Mallorca, Calo des Moro has one of the narrowest strips of beaches in Europe. However, its turquoise waters and silvery white sandy beaches have attracted thousands of beachgoers not only from Spain and Europe but also other parts of the globe. The beach is most famous for scuba diving.

Oludeniz Beach in Turkey

Officially called Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz Beach is one of the most tranquil and peaceful waters on Earth. Even during bad weather, the waters off Oludeniz remain calm, giving it a literal meaning of Dead Sea. Located in the southwestern coast of Turkey, in the province of Mugla and the district of Fethiye, Oludeniz has been a favourite among nature and landscape photographers because of its calm waters. Its shades of aquamarine and turquoise make it one of the best beaches to photograph. It is no wonder then that this Turkish gem has always been rated highly in the world for its stunning sea views.

Praia Marinha Beach in Portugal

Awarded the Golden Beach Award in 1998, Praia Marinha Beach located in Caramujeira in Algarve, Portugal is best known for its superb natural qualities making it highly photographed for a variety of promotional purposes. It has been shown in many international advertisements simply for its scenic beauty. There are many accommodation options in nearby towns including spectacular sea view holiday cottages, beachside apartments and colonial hotels.

There are other famous beaches all over Europe. Some may even be more picturesque than the ones in this list. They are just waiting to be discovered.