Top 5 Must-have Motorcycle Accessories

These days, riders arent necessarily the stereotype that was associated with motorcycles owners for decades. Sure, there are those of us who love the old-school rough experience. But there are also those among us who want the best rider accessories for some added convenience and safety. Yes, we all love to ride, but the top motorcycle accessories can go a long way to enhance that experience.

Still, the popularity of motorcycles has skyrocketed the number of motorcycle gadgets currently on the market. While some are awesome, others are nothing more than novelties or gimmicks. Since the last thing you want to do is waste your time, money and limited available space, its a good idea to focus on only the best rider accessories the next time you head out.

Check out the top 5 motorcycle accessories that you absolutely must have:

1. Geco Mark II it may be illegal to add a GoPro to your helmet while you ride, but you can wear the Geco Mark II action cam on your sunglasses or goggles whether youre on the road or not. This is one of the smallest HD action cameras currently available. Record your trip from eye level using a 100 degree lens.

2. The Mogix portable phone charger– This battery charger for motorcycle riders can keep your smartphone juiced up while youre on the road. Its handy to have because its slim, lightweight and durable, with a huge capacity. The lack of power port on your bike will no longer be an inconvenience for you when youve got this portable charger with you.

3. BikeMaster Multi-Tool This provides you with a complete tool set including sockets without taking a massive toolkit with you in your saddlebag. This is halfway between multi-tool pocket knife and a full tool chest. It gives you just about everything you could ever want for a quick roadside fix. That way, youll always know that youll have what you need to get to your destination.

4. Cortech Dryver Tail Bag With all this extra gear from a phone charger for motorcycle riders to a cool multi-tool with sockets youll need somewhere to stash it all. This ones easy to attach and makes it easy to tuck away small items like those on this list, your wallet, your phone, and whatever else you need to have with you.

5. The Breva Genie 03 One for the dreamers, this is a watch unlike any other. Sure, its a sleek-looking wristwatch, but thats just the jumping off point. It has a mechanical pop-up speedometer that comes in handy if yours stops being accurate, of course a speedometer app might be more appealing when you see its current price of $56,800!