Three Holidays For Your Bucket List

While there are many bucket list holiday destinations and must-see marvels around the world, for us three stands out completely. If you have not already added these to your bucket list, now is the perfect time to do so.

The Northern Lights
The Northern Lights are arguably one of the greatest displays of nature. These multicolor lights are best viewed from any of the arctic regions. The best part is they are free and each show is different. Experience nature at her best as these dancing nocturnal lights fill the sky. Many have described seeing the Northern Lights as not only uplifting but also humbling.

The best time to experience the Northern Lights is in winter. While a trip to see the Northern Lights will set you back quite a bit of money, it is well worth it in every sense. When viewed from the Northern Hemisphere they are known as Aurora Borealis while in the Southern Hemisphere they are called Aurora Australis. The Northern Lights are best viewed from the wildlands of Canada, Iceland, Norway or Scandinavia.

The Great Migration
Taking a safari holiday to the Serengeti to witness the great migration is most defiantly a trip of a lifetime for any wildlife enthusiast. The Serengeti is the most well-known national park in the world. Every year thousands of tourists flock to the African plains of the Serengeti to witness its abundance of wildlife and of course the world famous migration.

At the heart of the 1000 mile migration is the magnificent Wildebeest, to be exact over 1.5-million of them! During the migration, the Wildebeest accompanied by various other animals follow the life-sustaining African rains. The result is a mass movement of nearly 2-million wild animals over a distance of more than 140,000 square miles of African hills and open plains.

To catch the best of the great migration, travel is suggested in March, when millions of Wildebeest gather in the open plains of the Serengeti. It is a once in a lifetime experience that is not to be missed. See for more details.

The Majestic Taj Mahal
If you are a romantic at heart then a visit to the Taj Mahal should be right up there in the top 10 items on your bucket list. Built as an enduring symbol of love, the Taj Mahal is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world.

Due to its popularity, there is strict security on the grounds surrounding the iconic mausoleum. So tight in fact, that at times visitors have been prohibited from taking cell phones onto the grounds. It is highly advisable to only take the necessary items with you when visiting the Taj Mahal. There is also a whole list of banned items and this includes various foodstuffs.

The Taj Mahal is open to visitors all year round. When booking your holiday to India, make sure you tell your tour operator that you want to visit the iconic Taj Mahal you will not regret the experience.