Sweet Tooth Travel In Europe

As diverse the cultures in Europe are, so are the sweets that you should definitely not miss. From candies to cakes, your sweet tooth will be satisfied with every bite with these exotic delicacies from across the continent. If you have a sweet tooth, you will love these tasty suggestions for your next trips.

Appeltaaart in Amsterdam

Although the saying goes, as American as apple pie, appeltaart has been part of the Dutch cuisine long before the US became a country. To try out the time-tested and traditional recipe, check out Café Papeneiland, established all the way back in 1642.

Baklava in Greece

This is a flaky pastry containing nuts like almonds, walnuts or pine nuts, and drizzled with honey before being wrapped in phyllo dough. This dessert can be found in the Middle Eastern region, as well as in the Mediterranean countries.

Breskvice in Croatia

Croatia has a wonderful new addition to the list of desserts never to miss in the EU. The name breskvice means little peaches because these cookies are peach-shaped. They are normally eaten glued together with a filling made of rum, walnuts, peaches or apricot jam. Afterward, they are dipped in peach liqueur and a little red or yellow food coloring, as well as a thin dusting sugar, to complete the look.

Crème Brûlée in Paris

Very few desserts are fought over by multiple countries like crème brûlée. While other countries have their own terms for this custard, they all have the vanilla custard and that soft egg hiding under the layer of caramelized sugar.

Melted cheese and melted chocolate make for the best dessert ingredient, one that goes well with almost anything. In fact, Switzerland has the highest per capita consumption of chocolate in the whole world.

Summers are incomplete without that gelato stand selling those creamy, flavorful scoops of happiness. Once you have tried the original gelato, you will find yourself never coming back to ice cream again.

Honické Trubicky 

If you love these pastry rolls, then you are not alone. The crisp and flaky pastry rolls are cream-filled before being dipped into melted chocolate. In fact, they are so good that Napoleon was reputed to be a huge fan of this dessert.

Sacher Torte

One of the most famous chocolate cakes in the world is sacher torte, which is laced with some apricot jam before they have it covered in whipped cream. For the full experience, make sure you try it out at the source, Hotel Sacher which invented the dessert in 1832.

This dessert proves that simple can also be better. These long strips of fried dough are dipped in hot chocolate, which makes them even sweeter and simply mouthwatering.


This classic Italian dessert is adults-only thanks to the combination of espresso and rum added to the ladyfingers and the cheese mix. Try this dish out at Barbarini, the neighborhood cafe due where this little pick-me-up was found in 1934.

These are 10 out of a long list of European desserts that have been accompanying equally good Italian or French coffee for centuries. See this website for other interesting travel ideas. Whether you are eating dessert or simply craving for a sweet treat, you should never miss out on these 10 whenever you are in Europe.