Effective Fundraising Ideas For Charitable Organizations

One of the biggest challenges of charitable organizations is to find fundraising ideas that are inexpensive and will create a huge impact. Here are some types of fundraisers that meet these criteria:

1. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a fundraising strategy that helps your charity to inform the public about your fundraising efforts through social media.

Choose among the crowdfunding platforms, such as Fundly and Crowdrise, and create a campaign page. Include photos and videos to tell your story. Then, share your campaign on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and begin raising money.

You can raise money for any cause or project. Some crowdfunding websites aim at specific categories like schools, charities, or creative projects. Through this, you can share your mission and connect with a specific audience.

2. Raffles

Raffles are an inexpensive fundraising strategy for small charitable organizations, that can generate lots of donations for your charity. Here are some ideas:

Balloon raffle you can put the raffle tickets inside balloons. Supporters can buy and pop balloons to have raffle tickets.

50/50 raffle you dont need to give out a prize, as the winner will be given half the money collected from the ticket sales.

Potluck raffle you and your supporters can get together and enjoy great food. They can bring a dish and people purchase raffle tickets to vote on their favorite.

Raffle is a simple and fun fundraising event that appeals to all ages, so it’s an ideal fundraiser for schools.

3. Matching Gifts

Some companies have matching gift programs that match the donations of their employees. After donating, supporters can send a request form to their employer, who will then give your charity a donation matching the amount.

Your organization could double the amount of money you raise. Matching gifts can be helpful to all charities, particularly nonprofits because:

Nonprofit organizations dont have to do anything more to get the second donation.

Matched gifts are applicable on most donations, such as gifts donated to certain fundraising projects.

4. Fun Runs and Marathons

Marathons and Fun Runs are a popular fundraising idea, as they are easy to plan and are profitable. Youre not just raising money through event registration, but also through merchandise and pledges.

To plan a marathon or fun run, map out a route and make sure the season you choose has good weather conditions. Secure the necessary permits in your selected location.

5. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Charities can benefit from peer-to-peer fundraising because this is an easy way to acquire new supporters. Your existing supporters can do this by soliciting donations on behalf of your organization. Theyll set up a fundraising page, and ask their family and friends to donate.