Singer Shirley Bassey

Well known for her glamorous reputation and a big, beautiful voice, Shirley Bassey is a world famous singer. Not only has she recorded a number of hits, three of them happen to be theme songs for popular James Bond films.

Born in 1937 on January 8th in Cardiff, Wales, Shirley Bassey has been a singer since her childhood. With a mixture of perseverance and a strong voice, she was able to move far beyond an impoverished upbringing and onto the level of a wealth of international acclaim that very few black British singers and performers have been able to accomplish. Bassey took on a number of recording goals throughout her career with notable fame for three songs in Bond films, including Moonraker, Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever.

The first time that agent Mike Sullivan was lucky enough to hear Shirley Bassey’s voice, he was incredibly impressed with her expressive, bold voice and decided to take on the management of her career. At this time, Bassey has been starting to wear the tops and gowns with notable cleavage that quickly turned into her signature look.

Shirley Bassey’s very first single to come out when she was just 19 years old was entitled ‘Burn My Candle”. Her first hit came in 1957 with the song called ‘Banana Boat Song’ and then her worldwide fame started to really take off when she voiced ‘Goldfinger’ for the popular Bond film in 1964 for the same name. This hit, along with songs for two other popular Bond films and sop singles like ‘I Am What I Am’ and ‘Big Spender’ really made her career an unimaginable success.

In the year 2000, Shirley Bassey was named the Order of the British Empire’s dame commander, which happened to be another main mark of distinction for a career that brought her to sell well over 135 million records. Even though Bassey was well known for her reputation as a diva, she continues on to this day to be praised for her sex appeal and her unforgettably powerful voice. So much so, that a significant industry of lookalikes and impersonation acts such as this lady, has grown up to cash in on her fame and stage presence (and great music of course).

In 2013, Shirley Bassey received a well-deserved standing ovation for her breathtaking performance of the song ‘Goldfinger’ at the Academy Awards ceremony. While looking at this and all of the other amazing landmarks and achievements that Bassey has been able to accumulate throughout the years, it is easy to see that she has truly come a very long way from her humble beginning in the industry.